FUNGI Conica Single Charm Silver Necklace

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The FUNGI collection furthers the brand’s study of dichotomy and the beauty of contrast by showing the life cycle and growth that comes from the FUNGI-FLORA relationship.

The Conica Single Charm SS Pendant Necklace is handcrafted from Sterling Silver, featuring a 17mm Mushroom Pendant, hanging from a 16" - 20" Chain.

The Conica Single Charm SS Pendant Necklace Features:

*Handcrafted from Sterling Silver
*Mushroom Pendant Length: 17mm
*Lobster Clasp
*15" - 20" Chain Length


Fungi takes cues from our FLORA collection, by using mixed metals to exaggerate the design of these forms. The collection includes three different species of mushrooms: Coprinosis Lagopus, Laccaria Lacata, and Hygrocybe Conica

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