Hygrocybe Conica

Hygrocybe Conica, also refered to as The Witch's Hat, shows a vibrant bright red or orange cap in its early stages. Over a short time time, parts of its body bruise and discolor fairly easily, blackening with age. The cap of a Conica mimics a hat with a raised pointed tip. It starts out extremely sticky, but eventually turns smooth and dry.

Coprinopsis Lagopus

The Coprinopsis Lagopus, also known as the Harefoot Mushroom, is a delicate and short-lived fungus, whose fruit bodies last only a few hours before dissolving into a black ink – a process called deliquescence. These bodies resemble the paw of a white rabbit, which gives reason for its common name.

Laccaria Laccata

The Laccaria, or The Deceiver Mushroom, has a white cap that fades to purple throughout its life. It is a mycorrhizal mushroom, which is a fungus that forms symbiotic relationships with plants and trees. They use their mycelial network to interact with the roots of their host plant or tree, acting sometimes nutritionally mutualistic but oftentimes parasitic in nature.