Family Portraits '23


Welcome to Family Portraits, our annual portrait campaign celebrating the essence of the Bernard James brand through highlighting community, individuality, and interconnectedness. This cherished tradition, which started in 2020, spotlights extraordinary individuals from various backgrounds that have inspired Bernard personally as well as the brand over the years.

As the Bernard James brand evolves, so does the series. First captured on a 'Big Shot' polaroid camera, then on 16mm, and in its latest installment, fully captured digitally, these changes reflect our dedication to progress and our mission to redefine modern jewelry.

Beyond aesthetics, Family Portraits is more than a campaign - it is an ode to love, life, and all the small moments that shape our lives.

Seen above is Family Portraits '23.



The fourth installment of our annual series, showcases a remarkable lineup of 24 close friends and family and is guided by this year's overarching brand theme, "Process,"

This year's campaign takes a digital turn, stepping away from its traditional analog roots and embracing the boundless possibilities of digital technology, allowing for a fresh perspective and a more elevated look & feel for the brand’s annual campaign.

Featuring (from top left to bottom right):

Ant Blue Jr, Carolin Ramsauer, Brandon Tan, Breanna Hall, Maia Eid, Nerenda Eid, Courtney Sofiah Yates, Cooper, Ko, Chris KlemensIan Bradley, Jalil Johnson, Jess Willis, Janice Szeto, Jian De Leon, Rebeca Mendoza, Kendall Bessent, Key, Austin Gebbia, Shibon Leigh, Sharmaine Harrison, Steve Jackson, Sarah Favreau, Reva Bhatt, Kirsy Lovett, Ife,  Marquia Walton, James Bee, Matteo Mobilio, Karizza Sanchez, Moses Moreno

Director/Editor: Cooper & Ko @koarchives @mizarkas

Assistant Camera: Tyh McLean @tyhdmpl

Gaffer: Maria Valera @_marvarelaa

Grip: Miller Lyle @miller_lyle

BTS: Karon Sanders @karonie

Production Manager: Eliza Newman @elizalouisephoto


In 2022, FP embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, bidding farewell to the iconic Big Shot Polaroid format and embracing the artistry of 16mm film. This pivotal shift allowed us to delve deeper into each individual's story, capturing their essence with more personality and depth. As the campaign grew, featuring a diverse array of extraordinary individuals, it celebrated the power of storytelling and the beauty of authentic connections that continue to inspire Bernard James Fine Jewelry.


Featuring (from top left to bottom right):

Aisling Camps, Bon DukeMatthew HensonBecky AyinkodeChristopher John RogersChristina RipleyQuil LemonsDevine BlacksherSimon DavisCassandra MayelaAlexander-Julian GibbsonJoe KennethCherie CamachoBryce ThomasKevin HunterChelsea RojasSara BeolchiniAnthony Brooks.


DIRECTOR: Cesar Buitrago



EDITOR: David Ko

COLORIST: Aaron Fenichell

BTS: Christopher Robinson

PRODUCER: Carolin Ramsauer



In 2021, the FP campaign continued to enchant with its timeless allure, capturing the essence of enduring connections once again on Andy Warhol's iconic Big Shot polaroid camera. While the campaign retained its nostalgic charm, the true magic lay in the diverse group of trailblazers and visionaries featured this year. Notable friends from various industries graced the portraits, sharing their extraordinary stories and celebrating the power of human bonds. As FP expanded its circle, it reaffirmed the brand's commitment to celebrating the beauty of personal connections and the shared experiences that shape our lives.

Featuring (From top left to bottom right):

Tchesmeni LeonardRachael WangTelsha Anderson + Justin BooneDan SolomitoTopaz JonesAmanda Murray, MusclecarsNaomie ElizeeSickamoreJen PioSebastian Jean, Josephine Butterfly, Florian KoenigsbergerStephanie Yang + Paul C KangCesar Buitrago.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Cesar Buitrago


The inaugural Family Portraits ' 20 campaign marks the beginning of a cherished tradition, born from a profound yearning for human connection during challenging times.

Inspired by Andy Warhol's iconic Big Shot polaroid camera, we wanted to pay homage to his collection of polaroids, capturing New York's creative elite. The first installment of FP '20 thus features extraordinary individuals, and particularly close friends who have been by Bernard's side for years, celebrating their profound impact on the brand's journey.

These portraits embody the essence of enduring connections and the power of shared experiences, setting the stage for an enchanting series that would continue to evolve and inspire for years to come.

Featuring (From top left to bottom right):
Steve Pierre-JeanTahirah HairstonOut Of OfficePaula HessNikki MartinezNoah ThomasCorey StokesGabe LibertyNouri HassanPreston ThompsonAngel & Dren, Bernard James. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Cesar Buitrago
PRODUCTION: Carolin Ramsauer C/O Abovo Management