Schedule Your Piercing Appointment

    1. Reserve your spot to secure your preferred style (you only pay for the jewelry; piercing services are complimentary).
    2. Arrive on April 27th for your professionally executed piercing by Maison Mono.
    3. No need to wait 6 weeks; wear your new piercing immediately.

    • Limited styles available on the day of the event - please reserve ahead to secure your preferred style.
    • Walk-ins are welcome, but piercings will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis for those without reservations.
    • Our piercer uses needles (never piercing guns!) for superior precision, safety, and healing.
    • Care instructions will be provided on the day of the event.
    • If you need to cancel please do so at least 24 hours in advance to respect others. 
    • Undecided about your piercing? Decide in-store before your piercing session!

    Meet your Piercer

    Meet Mona, our official piercing partner. A Greenpoint local, Mona opened her own piercing studio last year, as a commitment to her craft and the local community. With a wealth of experience predating the launch of her studio, Mona has consistently exemplified professionalism and expertise in every piercing she performs.

    Maison Mono's brand identity resonates deeply with ours, emphasizing art, design, and creating a chic, sophisticated atmosphere. Her studio reflects this ethos, providing a space where individuals can express themselves through beautiful, thoughtfully crafted piercings.

    We're thrilled to have Mona on board, bringing her passion for quality and precision to our event. Join us on April 27th for an unforgettable experience, where Mona will be offering her expert piercing services in a setting that embodies creativity and elegance.