MIRROR Sterling Silver Ear Cuff Macro

Regular price $185

Carved by hand from solid sterling silver, the Mirror Ear Cuff is the latest addition to the Mirror collection.

Available in two widths, Micro and Macro, you can wear them alone, stack them for a bolder look, or pair with your favorite pierced earrings. The Mirror Ear Cuff is the perfect piece for every ear.

The Mirror Sterling Silver Ear Cuff Macro features:

*Sterling Silver
*3.5mm Wide


The Mirror collection draws inspiration from the brand’s focus on identity. The multi-faceted pattern represents shattered glass, imploring the wearer to challenge their perception of self and embrace the beauty of vulnerability. Originally carved by hand, the pattern is reworked on bold yet refined silhouettes. Each cut, facet, and inflection is individually polished to create a tactile surface that beautifully reflects light at any angle. As with all collections, the pieces are forged from solid 14- and 18- karat gold and precious stones in the heart of NYC.

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