FLORA 14K Hoop Earrings Mini

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Intrigued by the transformative aspect of design, the metal is manipulated to represent the soft textures and folds of petals. Instead of stones, the beauty is derived from the white, rose, and yellow 14k Gold metal that provides harmonious and colorful contrast.

Each flower is planted individually on the band and intertwined by hand for an organic presentation. The hoop measures 18mm in outside diameter and 13mm in the interior diameter.

    The Flora Hoop Earrings Mini feature:

    * Solid 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold
    * 18mm Outside Hoop Diameter
    * 13" Inside Hoop Diameter
    * 7mm Width of Flowers
    * .1ct Black Diamonds
    * Guardian Posts


    Inspired by a walk through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a crisp spring day, the Flora collection showcases six distinct flowers: a Lily, Petunia, Sunflower, Daisy, Rose, and Hellebore.

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