18k White Diamond Crushed Paperclip Necklace

Regular price $51,000

Inspired by both a friend's destroyed find and a mistake made in the studio, the necklace features our classic Infinity ring (the "Aura") crushed, emboldened with VS quality white diamonds and used as links. A seamless clasp ensures both security and a sleek, uninterrupted design.

This necklace stands as the crown jewel of the collection and is handcrafted from 18k white gold and features a seamless clasp.

Edition of 3

  • Link width: 13mm
  • 14.7 ttcw
  • 18k white gold
  • Seamless secured clasp

Please note the possibility of natural inclusions in gemstones

Customization available, please contact us here

Made in the USA

Link width: 13mm
14.7 ttcw
18k white gold
Seamless secured clasp

In this special capsule collection, the inspiration revolves around the concept of "Process," a journey that unveils the beauty of jewelry by stripping it down to its essentials and accentuating each stage. The collection thus highlights the allure inherent in the various phases, from the raw and semi-finished stones to the skillfully handcrafted final pieces. Thus "Process" is an authentic tribute to the artistry and skill embedded in the crafting of enduring fine jewelry, that only uses VS quality diamonds handset in 18k white gold. Made in the USA

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